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Hello my name is Nate and I would like to share with you, my passion for selling hair. First I can tell you, it wasn't for the money but for the feeling that I seen it gave to a woman, after she got her hair done.  I have an beautiful aunt who has Lupus and a couple of close friends who had Breast Cancer. (Who are Survivors, Praise God)  But can I tell you? Whenever they would get their hair did, it was like watch out world, here I am, "The most gorgeous woman in the world."  You couldn't see the pain, all you could see is joy, happiness and life. Because it ’s more than just hair, it’s a lifestyle, it's a confidence builder, it's a pain reliever, it's a new you. And I just wanted to help recreate that type feeling for as many women as possible. So I started, "Nate Bundles Wigs & Hair Extensions" 

It's not just hair, it's a life style.

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